Engraved cigar accessories customized logo – Custom engraving service on the Smoking accessories products

Engraved cigar accessories customized logo

How we do the laser marking & Logo engraving on cigar accessories products?

Custom engraving service on the cigar accessories and smoking accessories products

Laser marking and Logo engraving technology is part of our factory production process for cigar and smoking accessories products.

nameplate machines is a common part of our factory lines needs to use.

What’s more, The laser nameplate machines use for engraved the Logos requirements of our client’s and OEM service; and use it also for some CNC processes, and Screen Printing process, etc.

In addition, there is one thing that needs to be noticed. that there are various kinds of metal, for example, stainless steel material, aluminum, Zinc Alloy material, etc. And their parameter setting is different of each material would be to engraved.

In other words, You can take a look at our products of cigar cutters, such as the C001 cigar cutter the laser engraved is print on stainless steel material.

Laser engraved printing on cigar cutter C002 double blade 

Laser engraved printing on the Zinc alloy cigarette ashtray A507 product

Overall, We are including the printing services process on all producing of cigar accessories products from the metal or other material such as the printing stamp, silkscreen stamp, and color printing.

5 best travel cigar humidor case can be customized of 2021

5 best travel cigar humidor case can be customized of 2021

The last word is for the end user “Our clients said”, the cigar smoker loves to keep a cigar in their pocket for travel and enjoy them just like when they were new, thanks to travel cigar box humidors. These nifty units not only store your cigars but also take care of them.

Additionally, the Plastic cigar humidor case is Waterproof, Dustproof, Shockproof Premium Plastic ABS Hard Shell Case – Built-in Foam Humidor and Holds Up.

Waterproof cigar humidor case

Crushproof cigar travel cases

However, The factory supports you to meet your requirements of cigar cases customization in the below:

1. Case Color could be any available Colors

2. Logo could be add as Sticker or Silk-screen Printing or laser engrave, etc…

3. Lanyard can be change to other available options

4. Foam inside can be customize to any shape required

5. Packing color box and other options available

Therefore, the best custom cigar humidor cases for travel! Check out our list of the greatest travel humidors!

1- Cigar Plastic Travel Humidor Case KV5001 – Capacity of 5 cigars.

2- Hard Plastic Cigar Humidor Case KV5002 – Capacity of 5 cigars.

3- Cigar Humidor Plastic Bag KV5003 – Capacity of 21 cigars.

4- Plastic Cigar Pouch Humidor Bag KV5004 – Capacity of 15 cigars.

5-Plastic Container Humidor Travel Case KV5005 – Capacity of 10 cigars.

Overall, The factory is own the highest performer in the industry and at direct low prices are very affordable.

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