USB Battery lighter

usb battery lighter double ARC battery lighters factory

a New design of Custom double ARC USB Battery lighter of double ARC. The USB Battery lighter arc ignition is fast and easy to use for a long time. Custom ARC lighters are available. Customized LOGO, design, color, and shape all are customized. All lighters are rechargeable lighter and can customize a gift box and packing too.

If you can not find what lighters in the list here. Please contact us.

And we recommendations for more custom Double ARC USB lighters designs for you. We more we can do to help you find something to meet your requirements. we carry a full line of cigar lighters from all our major lighters manufacturers.

We are China smoking accessories direct factory professional manufacturers, suppliers, and exporter in producing and designing various smoking accessories, and cigar accessories. including Cigar lighter jet flame, cigar & cigarette ashtrays, cigar cutters, cigarette cases, and smoking giftset. Besides, we can offer OEM and ODM and customize services. Printout custom LOGO and support new designs.

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